• Claypot Tom Yum Soup

    This is easily the most fabulous and awesome dish and is a definite MUST TRY! The soup explodes with flavor as soon as it reaches your taste bud and immediately the goodness of vegan Thai reveals its truth! The spicy-sour kick is so well balanced to give a perfect pleasurable sensory sensation! The secret? A measured of fresh and original herbs and spices with the right mix of vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes and the recreation of delectable meat-like crabsticks and prawns. The perceived immune-boosting and antioxidant qualities complete the wholesomeness of this classic soup!

  • Pomelo Salad

    This is a great appetizer for more great food to follow. This is no ordinary palate cleanser but one that is packed with sweet, sour and spicy flavoured healthy mixed of vegetables punctuated with bit sized chunks or strands of good quality pomelos. What makes this pomelo salad so extraordinarily delicious and appetizing is the measured seasoning of the variety of original and fresh Thai herbs and spices that go with it. Pomelos are symbolic of abundance, prosperity and good health. Indeed, when the digestive system is welled up, good food brings about good health.

  • Son-In-Law Eggs

    This is not the delight of young children alone but a fascination of the adults as well! Yes! Even without the eggs! The recreation is a stretch of the imagination with the whites made up of mashed yam and the yolks with mashed pumpkin. These croquettes are deep fried into egg-like shapes with tangy sauce trickled over them. The result? A taste of crispiness yam basket on the outside with a sweetened squishy mouth-filled in the inside! You taste it and let us know how good it is!

About Pepper Jade

IMG_0036Pepper Jade offers a niche and unique opportunity for vegan/vegetarian diners to have an excellent and blissful dining experience. Though not ostentatious, the ambience of the restaurant is comfortable and tastefully modern. The decors and choice of cutleries are clear attestations of our desire to make the experience unrivaled. Our mission is for every dining experience at Pepper Jade to be wholesome and pleasurable. We serve great variety of authentic and fantastically high quality vegan Thai foods with reasonable prices.

Look no further than Pepper Jade to discover that ultimate resource of authentic vegan Thai food! To begin this extraordinary journey, make your reservation with us now! We are confident that your dining experience with us will go on and on! If you are non-vegan/non-vegetarian, you are most welcomed to embark on a vastly new dining experience with us!

To leave you with a wholesome experience, our dishes are meticulously created and inspirationally prepared by our native Thai chefs. We use only fresh and carefully selected 23combination of ingredients to enhance that authentic sensation of Thai food in our taste. Our philosophy in vegan Thai is no eggs, no garlic, no onion and no shallot. But vegan does not need to be bland. On the contrary, ingenious mix of Thai spices and herbs with appropriate ingredients can bring restorative, rejuvenating and refreshing perspective to vegan Thai dishes. The masteries in creating that distinctive, delicious and delectable meatless meals are culminated in the hands of our experienced chefs. Besides the well–publicized health benefits of Thai cuisines, the pungencies of taste or otherwise created here at Pepper Jade, will present you a sensory pleasure not easily replicable elsewhere.

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Opens daily including public holidays 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm.